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More than 500.000 PhotoMap Installations

A few weeks ago the 500.000th user has installed PhotoMap on his/her Android device! That’s awesome!!! Thank you for your interest and support! A lot of great features have been added to PhotoMap within...


Traveling Between Time Zones

You can now change the displayed time zone in PhotoMap via the menu icon ‘eye’ to view days, weeks, months, trips etc. as if you were in a different country resp. time zone. This...


Where Do You Spend Your Time?

Do you want to know where you spent most of your time? This is quite easy if you are using PhotoMap. You just need to tap on a group, e.g. ‘2016’, ‘August 2015’, ‘Last...


Sharing Photos and Positions via Link

There is a new ‘Share via Link’ feature available in PhotoMap that enables you to share your photos and tracks via link. Just send the created link to your friends to show them where...