Coronavirus COVID-19: Private Location Logging and Contact Tracing with PhotoMap

Private location-logging and contact tracing could help to stop the spread of COVID-19. This article describes how PhotoMap can be used as a little personal helper for that purpose.

Location logging (geologging) is great to capture details about visited places. You can easily see when and for how long you have been to a supermarket or cafĂ©. PhotoMap stores all locations on your phone and doesn’t share or compare it with others which would be beneficial for a thorough contact tracing app. Nevertheless, if you hear about new COVID-19 cases in your neighborhood you may be able to assess your risk of infection by checking your visited places. In case you get infected, PhotoMap can help you to identify and remember visited places. You can see when you have visited a shop and when you have been near other people which should be informed. Please find more information about how to use the location logging feature in New widget to control geologging and Where do you spend your time?.

The integrated diary can be used to write down names of friends, family members and colleagues you have met during the day. This is a manual contact tracing process which doesn’t work with strangers, but in combination with the location logging feature it may give you crucial information about who you had contact with. You can find more information about the diary feature on Photo diary in PhotoMap.

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