Want to Cross Your Camera with a Compass?

What do you think about direction tags in your photos? Is knowing the direction of the camera important to you when you capture a photo, e.g. 124°? If so, there is an Exif tag ImgDirection that can be used for this.

But I don’t know any apps that are able to display this type of data and only a few camera apps add it to taken photos, e.g. Solocator. On Windows you can use GeoSetter to edit and view this type of data.

My question is: Would you like to see this functionality in an app like MapCam or PhotoMap in the future? What exactly would you use it for? If there is a high demand I would like to develop such a feature.

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3 Responses

  1. Don Cameron says:

    I am a naturalist, and direction tags in photos would be invaluable for locating specific plants in forests and creeks etc. I currently do this manually in the caption. In this vein, it would also be invaluable to be able to manually edit the lat. and long. metadata with information acquired by a more accurate GPS device.

    Your suite of apps are excellent for naturalists and I am sure you will be able to garner a large market among them. Here is what I envisage: I am in a dense forest where the GPS signal is poor and spot a small plant of interest. I start the function on my Garmin GPS device to record a waypoint with averaged values over 2 minutes. I stand several m. away from the plant and take a photo of it with a distinctive tree in the background, and take a bearing of the camera orientation and enter it into the appropriate field of MapCam. I take close up photos of the plant and enter additional information into the caption(s) field of the photo(s). By this time, a waypoint with averaged lat and long. has been created, and the averaging process improved the accuracy of the location by 10 m. Finally, I edit the lat and long values obtained by the GPS sensor of my Samsung phone. An app with these capabilities would sell like hot cakes.

    Thanks for considering my suggestion. Let me know if you want any clarification.

  2. Peter says:

    I would like to add a simple compass that would show in Android photos. It would be useful for indicating direction of photos I take on photo walks for a commission,

  3. Terry Newton says:

    I would just like to see in what direction l am taking a photo. Whether it is north, south, east or west. It can either be on the photo at the time of taking the photo or it can be time stamp on the photo as the time itself is.