Favorite Viewing Modes

Most photo galleries support the following viewing modes for photos:

  • Tile views are good to get an overview about lots of photos.
  • List views are mostly used to show more details than tiles can do.
  • Single views are used to show single photos in full detail. You can usually swipe from one photo to another.

Not so common viewing modes:

  • Calendar views give you an overview about what happened on specific days, months, etc.
  • Collage views are used as interesting looking alternative to tile views.
  • Map views are used to show the locations of photos on a map. It can help you finding photos much faster than in other viewing modes if you know the location.
  • Augmented Reality views (see PhotoMap or Photo Compass) can be used to see where (in which direction) your photos were taken. This can be useful if you want to walk/drive back to a specific location. It’s also helpful to orientate yourself.

What viewing modes do you prefer?

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