View pictures from your Network Attached Storage or Shared Folder

The big advantage of accessing network storage or shared folders with PhotoMap is that your Android device can access gigabytes of photos and videos stored on your computer or NAS without the need to store everything on the internal storage. Another plus is that PhotoMap creates preview pictures from your network photos and videos which will still be available even when your Android device is not connected to your local network anymore. PhotoMap can be used for large media collections and has been tested with more than 100000 photos.

PhotoMap supports accessing network attached storages (NAS) and shared folders for a long time. Windows 10 and many network storage devices moved towards the more secure SMB protocol version 2 which is now also supported by PhotoMap. This enables you to access network storages and shared folders using the newer SMB2 protocol.

There are several websites available explaining how to share a folder on Windows. You can for instance take a look at

The blog entry Simple Ways to Your Own Home Media Server explains how to set up PhotoMap to access your network storage.

Please activate the scan notifications in the PhotoMap settings if you have problems connecting to your network storage. It will show you an error message in case the device is not reachable or username or password are wrong.

Configure PhotoMap to access your storage via SMB2.

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5 Responses

  1. Roy Dennis says:

    Is this a function in the premium version only? I have entered the settings an there is no error, but it seems to do nothing. Certainly no photos get catalogued.

    • Ludger says:

      This feature is available in the free version as well. Accessing network storage sometimes doesn’t work due to permission problems, e.g. missing read/write access on ftp servers etc.

    • Nutt says:

      If you’re accessing a Network Share on a Windows computer, check the permissions of the folder or drive within Windows.

  2. Marcin says:

    this app is absolutetly great! Thank you 😀

  3. Andreas Lepach says:

    Ich habe lange versucht im lokalen Netzwerk mit PhotoMap auf die Fotos auf meinem Mac zuzugreifen. Es ist mir nicht gelungen. Mit CX Datei Explorer geht es problemlos. Leider habe ich auf vom Entwickler auf zwei Nachfragen keine Antwort bekommen. Für die Fotos auf dem Android Device allein, macht das Programm für mich keinen Sinn.