Features and Improvements that have led to more than 500.000 Installations

A few weeks ago the 500.000th user has installed PhotoMap on his/her Android device! That’s awesome!!! Thank you for your interest and support!

A lot of great features have been added to PhotoMap within the last 15 months and there have been massive performance improvements. Within this post I would like to give a brief overview about the most important changes.

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New Features

βœ” Use zoom gestures to zoom in from Folders, Days or Countries to grid views of your photos and vice versa.
βœ” Use zoom gestures to quickly switch between Diary-Calendar-Trips, Days-Weeks-Months-Years and Countries-Places.
βœ” Use zoom gestures to change between tile, grid, and list view.
βœ” Swipe left or right to quickly change the day/week/month/year in grid or list view.
βœ” Select the cover photo of a photo group by long-pressing on it.
βœ” Displays flags in Countries and Places view

βœ” Importing GPX files automatically generates a trip (from Android 4.4)
βœ” Keeps the position (date, folder, or place) while changing between photo groups
βœ” Share photos via link for up to 6 months.
βœ” Keeps the last modified time after copying/moving files where possible.
βœ” Reads the creation time of videos from the meta data if available.
βœ” Detailed OpenStreetMap map with increased zoom level
βœ” Easily switch to the next day in map view.
βœ” Shows geo logger icon in the status bar if logging is activated
βœ” Change the place/country names of photos in gallery view or grid view. Select multiple photos in grid view by long-pressing on one of them, and tapping on others.
βœ” Change time zone (menu icon ‘eye’) to view days, weeks, months, trips etc. as if you were in a different country resp. time zone. This is useful, for example, to view your logged positions of a day in New Zealand after you return to Europe.
βœ” New option in the settings to let PhotoMap scan photos and videos again. This is useful if files have changed without updating the last modified time.

Performance improvements

βœ” Much faster scanning of media files on sd cards, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox.
βœ” Optimized for huge media collections. Tested with more than 35.000 files on internal storage and 128 GB sd card.

Backup and restore

βœ” Backup and restore cover photos (from Android 4.4)

Energy saving

βœ” Use the new geo logger nigth mode to save energy.

Improved translations

βœ” Japanese
βœ” French
βœ” Thai
βœ” Spanish
βœ” Dutch

Please help me to improve the translations on https://photosonandroid.org/glotpress/projects/android-apps

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