Accessing SD Cards and Cloud Storages

The new versions of EagleEye and PhotoMap support the Storage Access Framework that enables you to access (read and write) files on removable media (such as SD cards) and cloud storages. This feature is available on devices from Android version 5 (Lollipop).

Just tap on ‘Media Providers’ in the ‘Settings’ of EagleEye/PhotoMap and select the SD card or a folder you need access to. In the next step, EagleEye/PhotoMap will scan the selected folder for photos and videos. After that, you should be able to add/edit/remove captions and geo positions of the scanned files. Please note that these steps are not required if you already have full access to your files via the file system.

In case that the selected folder has been scanned before via one of the directories in your ‘Media directories’ settings, you probably want to add the directory path to the ignore list. Please have a look at the Media Scanner Settings for details.

Please note that not all cloud storage providers support the Storage Access Framework. This will hopefully change in the near future.

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11 Responses

  1. Willi says:

    I tried PhotoMap but I cannot modify files on Android 5. I cannot find the menu item Media Providers in the PhotoMap app although you mention it in the Play Store. Do I need to install both apps to get it work?

    • Ludger says:

      Please have a look at the ‘Settings’. There you should find the menu item ‘Media Providers’ where you can ‘Add’ a directory. You don’t need two apps to get it work.

    • Ludger says:

      The menu item ‘Media Providers’ was not visible on Android 5 devices due to a small bug. Please install the new release of EagleEye or PhotoMap.

  2. Hardy says:

    The app looks really good. However, I can only see the pictures on my phone. Since there is not enough storage capacity on my phone, I would like to access my photos over the network (e.g. windows share, owncloud, …) There is a menu item “Media Directories” in the settings, but no menu item called “Media Providers”. My phone is running Android 5.0. What am I missing, how can I add non-local storage?

    • Ludger says:

      Thank you for your comment. The “Media Providers” menu item is not visible on Android 5.0 devices due to a small bug. This will be fixed in the next release published in a few days. The next releases of PhotoMap and EagleEye will also be able to access Windows shares. Please stay tuned…

    • Ludger says:

      New releases of EagleEye and PhotoMap are available now.

  3. Richard H Noakes says:

    I am unable to access any cloud storage sites. The app offers only a blank screen when this option is selected. The new Dropbox link is very welcome, but I cannot get it to work. Logs on to my Dropbox account OK, but no photos appear when the navigation menu item is selected

  4. Sebastian Weeger says:

    Hallo Ludger,

    ich speichere meine Fotos auf der SD-Karte und hab denn Ordner per “Medienanbieter” hinzugefügt.
    Jetzt hatte ich das Problem, dass ein Foto das ich geschossen habe nicht in der Galerie aufgetaucht ist.

    Man muss nämlich erst im Hamburger-Menu ganz unten auf den Aktualisieren-Button klicken, dass die Bilder geladen werden. Das ist doch sehr umständlich. Könntest du nicht die Option eines Auto-Refresh für bestimmte Ordner ergänzen. Oder zumindest wenn man in der Ordneransicht ist den aktiven Ordner beim App-Wechseln neu scannen.


  5. Russ says:

    I’m running Android 6.0, but when I try to add my SD card photo directory, the EagleEye menu just keeps saying “Select”
    When I select the directory, it just opens that directory and won’t let me add it

  1. March 13, 2017

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