How To Geotag your Photos with PhotoMap for Android

This video shows you how to add geotags to your photos. Please download PhotoMap here.

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11 Responses

  1. dorothy h. says:

    I’m trying out Eagle Eye with old photos taken with a camera without GPS.
    Is there a way to type in the location so it shows up at the top of the screen instead of “placename not determined”. I know you have a geotag facility, but I would prefer to just type the placename.

    • Ludger says:

      Hi, this feature will be available soon in PhotoMap. It is not yet clear when EagleEye will receive this feature.

  2. Ion says:

    Is there a way to auto tag photos with your app? Lets say I have a GPX file recorded with a different app or a different device, I loaded in PhotoMap, it shows corectly and I have some pictures taken with the phone or with a camera and transfered to the phone via WiFi. Can PhotoMap match the track log with the photos atach the right location?


    • Ludger says:

      Thank you for the suggestion. This is not possible yet, but it’s on my to do list. Alternatively, you can use the free app GeoSetter to geotag your photos on a PC based on a GPX file.

      • Ion says:

        I know about GeoSetter, a great application, I used it for years. I was talking about GeoSetter with someone and I thought to look for an Android app to do the same thing while away from home. For the momment if I use lets say an Olympus camera I have to use their app to geotag pictures on the go, but their app is fairly limited.
        If you can implement this fuctionality in your app will be great, a fine app by the way. Do you have a rough timeframe for this?


  3. Mary Grace says:

    Hi, does anyone have any tips as to how to fix my problem? I am trying to save the geotagging on a picture that had no GPS, and when i try to press the disc icon, i get an error saying there is no such directory. Its very odd. It works for none of my pictures. I tried it from pictures that is loaded from my SD card on my phone and pictures from my internal storage.. nothing seems to saves. Any tips??

  4. Mary Grace says:

    Hi, as a followup to my question about not being able to save the GPS locations once I press the disc icon, I did want to mention that the photomap app does have permission to the storage location of my photos. I checked the settings to make sure it has access to it. I am currently using a Huawei P30. I tried it with my old samsung phone and a picture I had on that phone, seemed to save. Just wondering if there is something I can do so that my other phone can tag the pictures. Thank you in advance for your help 😀

    • Ludger says:

      PhotoMap can’t store the GPS location in HEIF photos. It currently only supports JPEG files. Is that maybe related to your issue? If not, then please post more details about the error message or maybe send me one of the problematic pics so that I can test it myself. Thanks.

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