How To Geotag your Photos with PhotoMap for Android

This video shows you how to add geotags to your photos. Please download PhotoMap here.

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8 Responses

  1. dorothy h. says:

    I’m trying out Eagle Eye with old photos taken with a camera without GPS.
    Is there a way to type in the location so it shows up at the top of the screen instead of “placename not determined”. I know you have a geotag facility, but I would prefer to just type the placename.

    • Ludger says:

      Hi, this feature will be available soon in PhotoMap. It is not yet clear when EagleEye will receive this feature.

  2. Ion says:

    Is there a way to auto tag photos with your app? Lets say I have a GPX file recorded with a different app or a different device, I loaded in PhotoMap, it shows corectly and I have some pictures taken with the phone or with a camera and transfered to the phone via WiFi. Can PhotoMap match the track log with the photos atach the right location?


    • Ludger says:

      Thank you for the suggestion. This is not possible yet, but it’s on my to do list. Alternatively, you can use the free app GeoSetter to geotag your photos on a PC based on a GPX file.

      • Ion says:

        I know about GeoSetter, a great application, I used it for years. I was talking about GeoSetter with someone and I thought to look for an Android app to do the same thing while away from home. For the momment if I use lets say an Olympus camera I have to use their app to geotag pictures on the go, but their app is fairly limited.
        If you can implement this fuctionality in your app will be great, a fine app by the way. Do you have a rough timeframe for this?


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