Want to Add Notes to Your Photos?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Of course, but… sometimes I want to add my own words like „I met Sarah and Tom…“, or „I bought a coffee for 2$.“, or „In the background you can see…“, or „That’s the flat of…“, or „The restaurant is open from…“, or whatever. I usually don’t want to add a text on top of a photo. I just want it to be stored in the photo without changing the picture itself. The Android apps MapCam and PhotoMap are able to do that by adding metadata to a photo file. The added comments can also be edited and viewed with Picasa on a PC. It’s a very important feature for me. What about you?

Label your photos by adding captions to the photos' metadata.

Label your photos by adding captions to the photos’ metadata.

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5 Responses

  1. JD Moons says:

    This is the most important feature for which I bought the app. I really like the fact that I can show the captions in View and Slide Show mode. The only thing missing is support for Chromecast so I can cast my pictures + captions on my flat screen TV. Is Chromecast support something you considers for the future?

  2. Jean-Dominique Moons says:

    Are you considering to add Chromecast support so I can view my slideshows with captions on my flat screen TV?

  3. Harald Rann says:

    Die Möglichkeit eine Beschreibung auf dem Foto anzuzeigen ist für mich die wichtigste Funktion dieser App. Dafür habe ich gern die Pro-Version gekauft. Die Schrift ist jedoch weiß, sehr klein und hat keine Hintergrundfarbe. Dadurch ist der Text auf vielen Fotos, je nach Motiv und Hintergrund, schlecht lesbar. Kann dies geändert werden, evtl. einstellbar?

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