Capturing Moments… Documenting Your Life!

Photos are very important to remember great moments of your life, people you love, countries you’ve visited, right?

I’ve written something about adding captions and geotags to photos in this blog before. Moreover you also got to know how to log your trips. That makes it much easier to add names of people or places, to find locations, and to relive your holidays. PhotoMap is a great tool for Android to gather all this.

But what if you want to use photos for documenting your life? Like in a diary, but with photos, captions, and locations. Things are happening all the time and experiences can usually not be attached to just a single photo or location. There is much more that needs to be documented.

That’s why it is important to me that the next version of PhotoMap will include the function of a diary. You’ll be able to write down all your thoughts, your feelings, and any facts you can think of.

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