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The system does not read the coordinates from the image.
ID: 916      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: March 14, 2022
Status: New
Text search
ID: 901      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: October 11, 2021
Status: New
Location on map
ID: 900      Product: EagleEye      Version: N/A      Report Date: October 9, 2021
Status: New
Synchronisation mit Onedrive
ID: 894      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: August 1, 2021
Status: New
Missing geo taking info for some portion of day
ID: 892      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: July 29, 2021
Status: New
ID: 885      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: June 3, 2021
Status: New
PhotoMap not scanning and returning images from OneDrive
ID: 883      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: May 20, 2021
Status: New
Vertrag zur Entfernung von Werbung
ID: 882      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: May 19, 2021
Status: New
ID: 880      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: May 8, 2021
Status: New
Photomap suddenly can't see my external card
ID: 878      Product: PhotoMap      Version: N/A      Report Date: May 3, 2021
Status: New

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23 Responses

  1. unimiso says:

    Some image tools embed exif data in zTXt chunk of PNG metadata.
    And now, eXIf chunk is defined officially.
    So I am glad if PhotoMap support these chunks.

  2. Salvatore says:

    Non da la posizione delle foto

  3. Eric Johnson says:

    Cant access SD card photos

  4. Axel says:

    I have to login to OneDrive every single time I close and reopen it

  5. Axel says:

    OneDrive for business is now supporting auto camera upload. Any chance of supporting OneDrive for Business?

  6. Michael Schonath says:

    Habe trotz Bezahlung leider nicht die Pro Version erhalten. Wie kann ich diese bekommen, ohne diese noch einmal zu bezahlen.

  7. Lartigue says:

    Good morning,
    I have purchased Photomap as I appreciated its numerous features and the fact that the app is actively maintained, but I think I have found a bug or maybe a limitation, relative to videos: Photomap does not seem to be able to read geolocalization infos from mp4 files taken with the camera of the phone. The native Samsung photo app and Google photos can extract the GPS coordinates from the file (in mp4, they are stored in the ©xyz atom), but not Photomap.
    Could you, please, fix this ?
    Thank you in advance.

  8. Thierry says:

    Apres plusieurs manipulations et après avoir vérifié les méta-données des images, celles ci sont répertoriées sur le calendrier en fonction des dates d’enregistrement et non pas la date de création

  9. Jdbur says:

    Hello !
    When I geotag by hand using Photomap, the photo date is changed. So the feature is unusable…
    what can I do?
    Thank you!

  10. Rao Devulapally says:

    I like the program very much.
    If Photomap can access Google Photos and albums with Google Photos API, that would be a great feature, as many of us are using Google Photos for archiving and sharing purposes.

  11. BK says:

    There is a custom to name album covers in music directories albumart.jpg, or cover.jpg (case insensitive, with some commonly found variants). Some gallery programs are aware of this custom and don’t display jpgs with those names, and I recommend adding that behavior to Photomap. I have a lot of such files on my telephone and in some views I have to swim through a hundred album covers to find what I want.

    We can’t add a .nomedia file to the directory with Cover.jpg, by the way, because we do want the music to be scanned.

  12. วรรณ​ says:


  13. Dylan says:


  14. lartigue says:

    Serait-il possible d’utiliser le nom de fichier comme légende par défaut lorsque ce champ est vide ?

  15. Sally says:

    Every picture I take is immediately added to PhotoMap and it doesn’t delete when I delete the pic from my gallery. This means I gave lots of unwanted pics in PhotoMap, is there a setting so PhotoMap syncs with my Gallery & deleted pics are removed?

  16. Rainer Schöttgen says:

    hallo, ich habe bei einigen Photodateien das Dateidatum aktualisiert. Beim Aufruf des Programms sind alle Tagebucheinträge verschwunden. Warum – Kann man die Einträge retten? (Arbeit von 2 Tagen).
    lg Rainer

  17. keith says:

    Found that photo stop loading in Days view since May 6 2022 updates.

  18. Ray says:

    Can’t Import my Backup files (Android 10 save) to my new Android 12
    Java.lang.securityExcepition: eu.bischofs.photomap has no acess to content://media/53ea-99ae/file/18721?requireO…

    Need help

  19. Wouter says:

    PhotoMap Pro can no longer import GPX files on both my tablet (Tab S7) and mobile (Samsung S10e)! First the tablet started failing and now my mobile fails too. So the app is worthless to me. I was using it a lot and now I have to find alternatives as I see no response in my request for support.

    I have enjoyed your app for years and really hope you are willing to fix it.

    • Ludger says:

      Hi, are there any error messages? Could you please send me one of the gpx files so that I can reproduce the issue on my device?

  20. Wouter says:

    Posibility to read data has now been completely blocked, probably due to android security policy updates. Importing gpx no longer possible, but also recovering backups no longer works. For a short time I had to work-around for importing gpx-files by storing them in a location PhotoMap would have public access (like Download folder). However that now also is blocked.

    The error msg is like Ray reported in May; no access to content. I have a screenshot, but cannot attach that here.

    Hope this can be fixed soon as PhotoMap is getting too crippled now.

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