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Amazing Watercolor Map

Check out the new map style ‘Watercolor’ in PhotoMap. Share your map on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you want to.


Simple Ways to Your Own Home Media Server

How about sitting on a cosy couch and browsing through all your precious memories on a smartphone or tablet? Doesn’t this sound wonderful to you? How can we achieve this? It’s easier than you...


New Widget to Control Geologging

Geologging is great to capture more details about visited places and trips. I personally love this feature and recommend to use the new homescreen widget of PhotoMap to quickly adjust the update interval or...


Access All Your Photos

PhotoMap is far more than just a local photo gallery for Android. It enables you to access photos that are stored on your local device, on sd cards, on network drives (e.g. shared Windows...


Importing GPX Files from Other Geo Trackers

You can now import GPX files from external geo trackers or other geo tracker apps in PhotoMap. Just go to the ‘Geo Logging’ settings in the main menu and select “Import GPX file”. This...


Mapping Out Your Trip

You can now hide your photos to better view the trips that you have done lately. This is a new feature of PhotoMap. Just tap on the map icon in the map view mode...